Clayton Quality Auto Service Family Owned and Operated for over 25 years.


It's more than an oil change, it's preventive maintenance to change, inspect, check/fill and clean essential components of your vehicle and help keep it all running smoothly. By taking care of your vehicle, you'll be getting the peace of mind that your vehicle will be with you for a long time.


Did you know that some of the moving parts within your engine never really touch? It is true! They ride on a thin film of oil. One of the main functions of oil is to keep these moving parts separated from each other, preventing damage and wear. You want to get your oil changed before sludge starts to form.


Summer is Here, and AC Services are only $99!! come in and recharge your AC for a cooler experience in your vehicle. Plus we are having a JUNE special for free Inspection, Tire Rotation, and Brake Inspection when you get your Oil change done for $30 flat rate! Come and see us, or call us 925-288-1500!


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Clayton Quality Auto Service is a general maintenance and repair shop that is known for their fast, 10 Minute Oil Changes making it easier and faster for the customers. The family-owned and operated company provides a wide range of services, including factory-specified maintenance, engine and transmission rebuilds and replacements, and Oil Change services. It works on all makes and models of foreign and domestic vehicles, including trucks and RVs.

We provide all vehicles a professional technician to thoroughly inspect your vehicle, checking all fluids, belts, tire pressures, brakes, transmission, radiator and tire rotations. The business is Consumer Preferred as we abide by the Code of Ethics to give our customers:

  • Fair value
  • Provide Excellence in Service
  • Courteous in all our Dealings
  • Maintain a high standard of Cleanliness
  • And total truth in all our advertising and public relations


  • The one thing I like most about Clayton Quality Auto Service is that I trust them. So often with auto service you are sold things you do not need. The owner of Clayton Quality Auto Service is honest, reliable and has integrity. Clayton Quality Auto Service also does a great job. I have always been pleased with the work they have done on my Corvette. If you need a good mechanic who you can trust, definitely call Clayton Quality Auto Service.

    Greg Johnson Walnut Creek, CA
  • I finally got around to getting my squeaky brakes fixed a few weeks ago. Clayton Quality Auto Service was able to accommodate my busy schedule and get my car in on short notice. The work was fast and efficient! Thanks again!

    John C. William Concord, CA.
  • My husband normally fixes my car, but he won't touch ac issues with a ten foot pole. I know that ac can cost an arm and a leg to fix so I was not excited about having to find a professional mechanic to make my car cool again. I am so happy to have a mechanic I can trust for those times that my husband can't fix something. Thanks Yelp for steering me in the right direction!.

    Chris Watson Pleasant Hill, CA
  • I've been going to Clayton Quality Auto Service for my car and my husband's cars' needs for several months now and I just have to say that he's the only one I trust when it comes to car repairs or regular maintenance. He tells you exactly what you need to get done and doesn't overcharge you for them. He also offers to pick up your car if you don't have anyone to drive with you and your service will take a long time.

    Victoria Beneton Pleasant Hill, CA